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  • October222016

    kChaiyo – The Best Free Classifieds Site of Nepal We can help you sell your stuffs with 0 charges. Yes, that’s Free Of Cost!!!   We’re a community of 100,000+ social users, with 5,000+ email subscribers who’re all technology savvy potential buyers.   We showcase, advertise and distribute your products through our website, and […]

  • September232016

    Are you a Yahoo user today? Have you created an account ever in the past? Beware, you password could have been hacked!   Yahoo confirmed the email hack of its 500 million users ! This is the biggest hack ever in the history of Internet. The massive breach of 500 million Yahoo accounts may have […]

  • August52016

        Are you struggling to sell your stuffs or are you tired of searching all over the internet for your favorite stuffs? The eCommerce marketplace has always been so fragmented and chaotic! But not anymore! kChaiyo is here to give you what you’ve been looking for so long! kChaiyo is here with a promise […]